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Kittypod by Elizabeth Paige Smith


If you love and respect your cat, you might want to give him or her a personal seat. Prrrounge available at (design by Elizabeth Paige Smith) is an elegant addition to any living room. In fact, the product is dual-purpose: can be used by humans as well. In which case the personal kitty seat may not be as personal anymore.

Dimensions: 35"l x 17.5"w x 12.5" h

Available at:

If you're going to make a waffle, make it a cute one - at least, that's what I've always said... But you need the right tools to do that, of course, which is why I was so excited when I found out about Sunbeam's Woddles.

This device makes penguin-shaped waffles that look so cute you might have second thoughts about eating them (ok, may be not). Unfortunately, as far as I can tell, the waffle maker is only available in Australia & New Zealand.. if you know where to order one in the US, Canada, or UK, please let me know!


(More penguin cuteness after the jump)

Hookbox for Your Wall


Don't know about you guys, but I have a problem with stuff sprawl. Add to this recurring client and collaborator meetings (for those of us working from home) and you have a recipe for a messy home/office.

The issue, basically, is that anybody coming to your home office needs some space to put his/her: cell phone, car keys, bag, coat, gloves, sunglasses, organizer, and so on. Normally, this stuff gets thrown on the couch, piled up on chairs or (worse) ends up on the floor. What a mess!

That's why I was elated to find out that there's a simple and stylish solution: the Hookbox, designed by Luca Nichetto for Bosa Ceramiche.

The product (which looks great in multiples) can hold 12 pounds on the hook and 2 pounds in the storage container. As illustrated by the image on your right, the Hookbox can also be used in bathrooms.

Now available at DWR

Joystick Showers


If you're an avid gamer or simply comfortable using joystick as your preferred input device, you might want to consider extending this interface to your bathroom as well.

Techno M10 bath and shower mixers use joystick as the design paradigm.

More at {Cifial UK}

Toasters By Créa Créa


French product designers Sophie Roberty and Christophe Beauséjour (aka Créa Créa) have been living and working together for the last ten years. More importantly, in those ten years they designed a multitude of cute everyday products to be used in your kitchen and garden.

I am sure we'll be coming back to this mini-team and their creations regularly, but today I wanted to show you their collection of toasters. Take a look:

Aren't these just adorable?

More at pylones-usa

Chained To Your Desk?


The Chain lamp, designed by Ilaria Marelli Studio for Nemo / Cassina does away with the traditional desk lamp form - in fact, it can assume radically different forms as your work requires, since it's composed of three links connected with flexible joints (plus the base). The design intentionally avoids the "office" look and even evokes the image of a jewel box.

Dimensions: 25 x 12 x 6 cm (closed)
Materials: Aluminium and nylon 66; LED lighting system (3x3W).

It is widely known that some flowers - roses in particular, have thorns. Yet, for some reason, the vases we put those flowers into are usually suspiciously smooth.

Japanese designer Ikuko Iwamoto decided to challenge that outdated notion by designing a vase that shows a little more character - perhaps befittingly if the owner's temperament is as prickly. The result is the Pofupofu Flower Vase.

P.S. Don't worry, the vase is not likely to hurt anybody - provided that it's used as a vase only.


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