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Tablet Sleeves by Créa Créa

By Ms. Hommit | Posted : 17/May/2013 20:15

Wow, what a long break it has been! Let’s get right back in the groove and get to our first order of business. Back in 2008, I promised we would write more about the work of two French designers, Sophie Roberty and Christophe Beauséjour, better known as Créa Créa. I am about to make good on that promise.

Tablet Sleeve: Scale
The object I selected for today’s post is an accessory for the now near-ubiquitous tablet. It’s the sleeve accessory. Most tablet sleeves sold in computer stores are so boring they are not even worth mentioning, except to say that we won’t ever be interested in posting anything about them. But here’s something that does pique our interest: a collection by Créa Créa, available at Pylones.com (25 euros each at the time of this writing).

All six options are wonderful, but my personal favorite is the design called “Scale” (whose larger version can be seen here, along with the six-design comp). It features various sea creatures. I admit I might be biased, though, ‘cause I just love me my own little fishies (FWIW).

What: Table sleeves by Créa Créa
Where: I found them at www.pylones.com (not sure if this is an exclusive)

Six Tablet Sleeves by Créa Créa